The Kenwood Theater across from the Kenwood Towne Center may be closing, but a new, state-of-the-art 12-screen cinema is opening across the mall.

The owner of the Kenwood Place shopping center, where the Kenwood Theater has operated for over a decade, wants to renovate the cinema building and another commercial building next door, turning them into modernized spaces for shops, restaurants and offices.

The Sycamore Township Zoning Commission will consider the proposal at a meeting on June 14.

Meanwhile, City Base Cinemas Kenwood will open with extras such as virtual reality rooms and a bar later this summer in The Kenwood Collection. This is a mixed-use project under development that includes retail and office tenants at 5901 E. Galbraith Road, adjacent to the Kenwood Towne Center.

Kenwood Place Venture of Sycamore Township, owner of Kenwood Place shopping center, wants to renovate the first floor of the Kenwood Theater building at 7835 Kenwood Road to 31,769 square feet of retail and dining space and the second floor to 31,769 feet squares of office space.

Kenwood Place Venture is also looking to make cosmetic upgrades to the one-story building at 7727 Kenwood Road, just south of the theater building, for 17,474 square feet of retail and dining space.

This is according to documents filed with the Township of Sycamore by Midland Atlantic Development Co., also from the Township of Sycamore, on behalf of Kenwood Place Venture.

Midland Atlantic Development Co. could not be reached for comment on current and future tenants of the Kenwood Place buildings.

“When we first developed Kenwood Place in 2007, our initial vision was a mixed-use retail and office project. When Drexel Heritage and Henredon (furniture stores) expressed interest in a significant portion of the first and second floor space, we moved to full retail, ”said John Silverman, Executive Director of Midland Atlantic Development Co., in a letter to officials in the Township of Sycamore. .

“After the tough economic times of 2008/2009, we made our first major renovation and the furniture stores were replaced by the Kenwood Theater.

“Time for refreshment”

“After nearly 15 years and an ever-changing (and sometimes difficult) business landscape, it’s time to cool off. We intend to make a significant investment to bring Kenwood Place back to our original vision as a mixed-use retail and office development with an updated modern approach, ”said Silverman.

Kenwood Place Venture hopes to begin work on the proposed changes to its mall in January 2022 and complete it in June 2022.

“There are some issues the developer is trying to resolve with neighboring residents regarding adding windows to the rear of the theater space for an office conversion of that space,” the administrator said. from Sycamore Township, Tom Weidman, in an email.

When the plans for Kenwood Place were initially approved by the township, he said, they banned the placement of windows at the back of the Kenwood Theater that would face west towards a residential area.

But now the trees have become a natural buffer zone, Weidman said.

He said the developer of the Kenwood Place project is working with residents to address their concerns.

“I think we’ve done a very good job in the past in making trade-offs in development that allow residential and commercial uses to coexist successfully,” Weidman said.

“I hope we can also achieve a similar result with this proposal.”

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